When asked if they remember what the old world was like, the response is usually a blank stare.

“When I was born, our worldships were already decades onto the seas.”

New Peridyym came into existence at Landfall, ten years ago. This was only a fraction of the time they were cast adrift on the seas. All present poems, songs, paintings, and tales from the burgeoning towns reflect landbound culture. The New Art is so proliferate that the relics of the former seafaring way of life had to be stored in a museum and classified as ‘pre-historic’.

Only the healthy and vital people who survived the journey could begin to forge the new lands. Out of The First Ship, the merchant families Boroding and Balmoral, and the indentured families thereon became the first citizens of New Peridyym.

Thiel Boroding, the family patriarch, became Good King Peridyym as the frontier town grew into a city under his leadership, as guided by the wisdom of his trusted friend who is now the Lord Prefect Archlon Balmoral.


New Peridyym: The New Frontier Maximilligan